INTESTINE Vol.9 No.6(2-6)

特集名 大腸ポリポーシスと関連疾患 (遺伝性大腸癌)
題名 ポリポーシス (6) Cronkhite-Canada syndrome
発刊年月 2005年 11月
著者 西川 貴士 大阪医科大学第二内科
著者 平田 一郎 大阪医科大学第二内科
【 要旨 】 要旨はありません。
Theme Polyposis of the colon and rectum, and other related conditions : hereditary colorectal cancer
Title Cronkhite-Canada syndrome -- clinical aspects and malignant complications
Author Takashi Nishikawa Department of Internal Medicine, Osaka Medical College
Author Ichiro Hirata Department of Internal Medicine, Osaka Medical College
[ Summary ] Cronkhite-Canada syndrome (CCS) is characterized by nonhereditary gastrointestinal polyposis associated with diarrhea, hypoproteinemia, and ectodermal changes, consisting of diffuse alopecia, nail atrophy and hyperpigmentation of the skin. About 60 % of the reported cases were men at a mean age of 60 years. Various treatments have been employed in management of CCS including corticosteroids and anti-plasmin drugs. These treatment have been improved the course of this syndrome.
The gastrointestinal polypoid lesions are usually considered nonneoplastic retention or inflammatory polyps. However, there are several reports of CCS associated with gastrointestinal cancer. We studied 20 Japanese patients with CCS associated with colorectal cancer. Malignant degeneration is reported and may occur in up to 15 % of patients. Thus, CCS may be a premalignant condition for colorectal cancer. Therefore, a close follow-up examination is recommend to detect colorectal cancer at an early stage.