INTESTINE Vol.9 No.2(1-1)

特集名 拡大内視鏡の最前線
題名 新しい拡大内視鏡の機種と機能 (1) 最新の拡大内視鏡システムと技術開発動向 -- オリンパス
発刊年月 2005年 03月
著者 中村 一成 オリンパスメディカルシステムズ株式会社医療研究開発本部医療画像機器開発部
【 要旨 】 要旨はありません。
Theme The front line of magnifying endoscopy and pit pattern diagnosis -- Now and future
Title Latest magnifying endoscopic system and current technological developments
Author Kazunari Nakamura Imaging Products Development Department, Research & Development Division, OLYMPUS MEDICAL SYSTEMS CORP.
[ Summary ] Magnifying videoscopes equipped with an optical imaging system, unavailable in other conventional endoscopes, are capable of making detailed observations of the mucosa. In addition to improved basic performance, the maneuverability of the magnifying endoscope most recently developed by OLYIMPUS is as great as that of conventional normal endoscopes, thanks to the reduced scope diameter and the variable stiffness function.
Furthermore, in addition to the increased quality of this magnifying endoscope, the EVIS LUCERA comes with several new features an HDTV system capable of performing practical electronic zooming and structural enhancements, adaptive IHb color enhancement processing to increase image clarity, and a pre-freeze function for attaining blur-free still images.
Through the development of NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) technology that makes use of the light diffusing and light absorbing properties of living mucosa, more detailed magnifying observation has become possible, as mucosal images obtained are higher in contrast compared to ones taken under normal light. If the NBI technology is coupled with ECS (Endo-Cytoscope System), which achieves approx. a 1,100 magnification, the quality of magnifying observation will be further improved.