INTESTINE Vol.7 No.5(2-1)

特集名 Total colonoscopy -- 挿入理論とその応用
題名 用手圧迫と体位変換などからみた挿入理論とその応用 (1) 送気量を理解した挿入法
発刊年月 2003年 09月
著者 塚越 洋元 恵佑会札幌病院消化器内科
【 要旨 】 要旨はありません。
Theme Theory of insertion technique in total colonoscopy and its practical application
Title Abdominal manipulation technique of the colonoscopy
Author Hiroyuki Tsukagoshi Department of Gastroenterology, Keiyukai Sapporo Hospital
[ Summary ] Abdominal manipulation is a useful technique for colonoscopy. When insertion of the scope is difficult, the assistant presses the abdomen of the patient by hand. At this time, the patient's lying position may be changed to the supine from the left side down position. This technique is used frequently at the sigmoid-descending junction, the splenic flexure and the hepatic flexure.