INTESTINE Vol.7 No.5(1-1)

特集名 Total colonoscopy -- 挿入理論とその応用
題名 内視鏡からみた挿入理論とその応用 (1) 通常内視鏡 b. 細径大腸スコープの挿入法
発刊年月 2003年 09月
著者 光島 徹 亀田検診センター
【 要旨 】 要旨はありません。
Theme Theory of insertion technique in total colonoscopy and its practical application
Title The insertion technique using a colonoscope with a thin stem
Author Toru Mitsushima Kameda Cancer Screening Center
[ Summary ] Sigmoid-descending junction (SD) passage is usually the most difficult type in terms of the insertion technique for colonoscopy. The slender colonoscope, which has a thin stem (slender type) is softer than the other colonoscopes. Therefore, it is the most useful colonoscope for passing the SD. The shortening sigmoid colon method and the stretching sigmoid colon method are two basic passage methods for SD, using the slender type. The shortening sigmoid colon method is the most comfortable for examinees because their sigmoid colons are not overstretched. I passed the SD with this method in 31.0% of 451 screening colono scopies from January to December 2002. The stretching sigmoid colon method consisted of using α loop (22.6%) in which both the sigmoid colon and the stem of the scope are twisted clockwise and a compound loop (41.5%) in which the sigmoid colon was twisted counter-clockwise and the stem was twisted clockwise in the opposite direction and was unclassified in terms of loop to be used (4.9%).