INTESTINE Vol.6 No.3(4-1)

特集名 大腸カルチノイド -- 最新の治療戦略
題名 外科的治療の適応と限界 (1) 外科の立場から見た治療
発刊年月 2002年 05月
著者 村田 幸生 都立駒込病院外科
著者 山口 達郎 都立駒込病院外科
著者 大植 雅之 都立駒込病院外科
著者 高橋 慶一 都立駒込病院外科
著者 森 武生 都立駒込病院外科
【 要旨 】 要旨はありません。
Theme Colorectal carcinoid tumors -- New strategy of treatment
Title Excision surgery for colorectal carcinoids
Author Yukio Murata Tokyo metropolitan Komagome hospital
Author Tatsuro Yamaguchi Tokyo metropolitan Komagome hospital
Author Masayuki Oue Tokyo metropolitan Komagome hospital
Author Keiichi Takahashi Tokyo metropolitan Komagome hospital
Author Takeo Mori Tokyo metropolitan Komagome hospital
[ Summary ] Our treatment of colorectal carcinoids was for tumors measuring less than 2.0cm, with indications for local excision. Those measuring over 2.0cm were treated with radical resection and lymphadenectomy, because of the high rate of lymph node metastasis and liver metastasis. Recently, however, even those measuring less than 1.0cm have been removed endoscopically, due to advances in EMR techniques.
We observed twenty three cases of resection for colorectal carcinoids from 1983 to 2001, and observed four cases (25.0%) of histologically positivelymph nodes and asynchronous liver metastases treated with radical resection lymphadenectomy and local resection, which measured less than 2.0cm. Therefore, local resection surgery for colorectal carcinoids is more certain. There is a limit to excision surgery for multiple liver metastases of colorectal carcinoids, and we should individualize therapies.