INTESTINE Vol.13 No.1(3)

特集名 Intestineの時代到来 -- 今,解決しなければならないIBDの諸問題
題名 III. IBD診療における内視鏡の位置づけとその所見
発刊年月 2009年 01月
著者 久部 高司 福岡大学筑紫病院消化器科
著者 平井 郁仁 福岡大学筑紫病院消化器科
著者 松井 敏幸 福岡大学筑紫病院消化器科
【 要旨 】 Inflammatory bowel diseaseは多彩な臨床像を呈し,画像所見と病理学的所見を総合的に判断し診断される.内視鏡検査では,特徴的な形態や色調,病変部位を捉えることで診断につながり,治療に際し内視鏡的活動性評価も行われる.さらにダブルバルーン小腸内視鏡の登場により,小腸病変の評価や生検,治療を可能とし,内視鏡の果たす役割を大きくしつつある.
Theme Now is the time for the "Intestine" -- updates and problems raised to be solved in IBD
Title Role of endoscopy in diagnosis and treatment of IBD and associated endoscopic findings
Author Takashi Hisabe Department of Gastroenterology, Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital
Author Fumihito Hirai Department of Gastroenterology, Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital
Author Toshiyuki Matsui Department of Gastroenterology, Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital
[ Summary ] Because of the manifestations attributable to digestive tract lesions and systemic complications, inflammatory bowel disease exhibits a myriad of clinical manifestations and is diagnosed on the basis of a comprehensive evaluation of imaging findings and pathological findings as a whole. Detection of the characteristic morphology, coloration, and lesion sites during endoscopic examinations is linked to producing diagnoses. Treatement, initally consists of endoscopic evaluations which are performed in order to judge the efficacy of treatment. Moreover, the advent of double-balloon endoscopy has made it possible to evaluate small intestinal lesions as well as biopsy the small intestine, and perform endoscopic treatment. Therefore, the role played by endoscopy has increased.
In order to make it possible to decide on treatment strategies for individual patients and to predict their efficacy it will also be necessary to improve the diagnostic capabilities of this modality and appropriately evaluate morphological activity.